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Covid's Response


Inside Dining Setup

Winter Patio Setup

202 - 237 -2300

Dining Room Configuration

No more than 6 guests are permitted at one table. All seating in our dining rooms and patios has been reconfigured allowing at least 6 feet between tables. The maximum occupancy of our dining spaces has also been limited in accordance with state and local guidelines.

Our teams follow strict and thorough hand-washing protocols issued by the CDC, the FDA and the Health Department, and we reinforce them during daily briefings. We have increased our established sanitization and cleaning protocols, and have the following systems in place: 

  • All public areas are disinfected and sanitized throughout the day. This includes the outside perimeter and every door handle and walk-way. A full-time housekeeper and/or restaurant attendant is responsible, under the supervision of management.

  • We clean and sanitize table and chairs between seatings.

  • All high contact areas in our kitchens and in our dining rooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day

  • Employees wash hands with soap and water every half hour and after bussing tableware from the dining room to the dishwashing station and before doing anything else.

  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations are available at the front door, inside and outside the bathrooms, and throughout the dining rooms and kitchens

  • Touchless soap dispensers and waste baskets are installed in the bathrooms and disposable paper towels are available to dry your hands

  • We are using trays for serving food or drink. Trays are cleaned and sanitized immediately after use.

9.26.2014 Et Voila Food Shots Winter Men



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