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Private Dining at Et Voila!

Have you ever thought of privatizing our Chef's Table or the Magritte room to celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary, or simply gather with a large group of friends?

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Magritte Room

The Magritte room, also known as the new room can host any party from 20 to 32 people. We are able to set up the room with one big table or a few smaller ones! 

Market Place

The tables located in the market place are high-tops. We can host parties from 8 to 18 people!

The market place has a different ambiance, it is an open space and has a great view on our bar!

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Chef's Table

The Chef's Table can host anywhere from 8 to 10 people. Great choice if you are looking for a smaller gathering with your own cozy space. 

Please note we are here to best help you organize your party. We are happy to personalize our menus based on your needs and favorites.


We also offer additional service, such as table cloth, colored napkins, flower arrangements, small decorations. 


Should you show any interest in hosting a party with us please click the link above to see sample menus. This should give you a good idea of pricing and what we are able to accommodate. 

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Host your party at Et Voila!

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

Privatizing one of our rooms may incure room fees. We always recommend you fill out the form, let us know your needs.


Room fees may apply/ vary based on room, number of people, and other business happening at the restaurant.

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